Master Dean Matthews

VII Degree Master

Master Dean Matthews started training in 1983, with over 30 years teaching experience and a very successful Taekwon-do career. He is the Welsh national squad coach, training athletes to compete in events all over the world.

His record in competitions consists of over 400 medals and trophies including: 40+ World and European championship medals; Welsh, English, Scottish and British overall winners; US open world champion; BTC overall champion; WTF UK champion; 2x freestyle grand prix winner.

Mrs Clare Mathhews

VI Degree International Instructor

Mrs Clare Matthews began training in 1992, having many years of experience in teaching she is also a successful Welsh squad team member.

Mrs Matthews has competed in multinational championships and European championships, earning many medals in her Taekwon-do career. These include attaining Gold at the European Taekwon-do Championship, and Silver at the World Taekwon-do Championship, she was the overall champion at the European Taekwon-do Championship in 2017.

Mr Richard Taylor

IV Degree Instructor

Mr Richard Taylor is an Instructor with over 20 years of experience. He is an assistant coach to the Welsh squad team, training talented competitors and competing across the globe.

Mr Taylor is a European multinational champion and sparring champion.

Mrs Emma Taylor

III Degree Assistant Instructor

Mrs Emma Taylor is an Assistant Instructor with over 21 years of experience.

Mrs Taylor is a multinational champion, achieving several medals in her many attended events.

Ethan Matthews 1st Dan

Mr Ethan Matthews

II Degree Assistant Instructor

Mr Matthews is a Pan Am Gold Medalist, and a multiple UK and national champion, training for over 18 years.